Hello World: My Birthing Story

August 31, 2016 4pm. We were in Cafe Firenzo chilling and working after I had my biweekly BPP ultrasound and NST. I developed Gestational Diabetes that was detected at around the 28th week into my pregnancy. It put me in a high risk pregnancy group and had to be monitored weekly because GDM might trigger pre term labor or a decrease in the amniotic fluid. My cervix was still very close and my OB is still out of town and would be back the day after. I was advised by the resident doctor to just continue drinking 2 to 3 liters of water and return to my OB’s clinic for follow up check up on the 2nd of September. I was a bit bored and was just reading my tasks and slowly coding my way into my last task when I received a text from my OB’s secretary telling me to check in tomorrow to the hospital because I need to be induced. My chart was misread and GDM pregnancy should be induced at 39 weeks gestation. I suddenly freak out and gave my phone to Sugarplum to read it. I called my parents and told them about the induction. I had a lot of mixed feelings about it.

In my mind, I have this vision of labor pain waking me up in the middle of the night (or a nap) and the breaking of water events that I usually see in the movies. Yes, that’s definitely what I have in mind when I think about the D-day. But, as what I have read from all the blogs and stories from real mom, those aren’t real. Maybe a little of just 10% of birth happens that way. As for me, it’s a planned trip to the hospital. We even took a photo before leaving the house and I was practically praying to have a normal delivery.


September 1, 2016. I checked in at the hospital after having a hearty lunch. I went into the labor room and got interviewed by one of my former classmate from high school (such a small world!) and was then given the first dose for my induction. My OB told me that if the induction would take effect it would take around 6 hours before I’m going to give birth. After a few hours, I had big contractions but it didn’t push through. Everything went to normal again and the baby is still happily kicking inside of me, as if telling me she’s not yet ready to go out. It was a bit exhausting because I can’t sleep for long hours as the doctors and the nurses would check me once in a while. It’s a series of IE, BP and NST. At around 11 pm, I was also given evening prim rose, which is known to make your cervix soften and efface.

September 2, 2016. It was already morning and after having my breakfast, I was then asked to fast, in case that we should decide for a CS birth. I didn’t know what to do at that time, I felt so alone at the labor room. I called Sugarplum to discuss our options and my OB gladly explained to me that it would be our decision. She’s just laying the options for us. We discussed about our options and I had my last dose of induction, it would take effect around 2pm and my OB would then check if my cervix would open. Sugarplum and I agreed that if my cervix wouldn’t open by 2pm, we would then go for a CS birth. Waiting for the clock to tick to 2pm is quite exhausting since I’m already fasting. I was too weak to even go the bathroom.

By 2pm, my OB came to check me and told me that my cervix didn’t open. It was up to me to decide what to do next, I told her that we decided to have a CS operation if my cervix won’t open. Everything went so fast, I was then cleaned, injected with some sort of antibiotic by 3 or 4pm I was already in the operating table. The last thing that I remember was the anesthesiologist trying to get me into a proper position.

Everything was a blur until I heard my OB instructing one of the nurse to call Sugarplum because the baby would be out. A few breath later, I heard her cry. She was crying so loud and I got a bit teary eyed but I was still so groggy I didn’t open my eyes. Sugarplum came and held her, I opened my eyes to see him carrying our 6 lbs 12 oz  and 52 cm baby girl. We had some photo op and then the baby was handed out for checking. Sugarplum touched my head and went out. I closed my eyes again and was feeling a bit cold. They were cleaning me up and they were counting something, I would guess it was the number of stuff they used for the operation. When they were almost done, I was fully awake by then. The nurse were even commenting that it seems I have a small tummy (haha thanks!).

I was then transferred to the recovery area and was given a lamp for the coldness to subside. To get away with the coldness, I chose to have a chat with the other ladies in the room. We talked about our babies and how we are eager to see our newborn. My baby was brought to me for the first latch at around 6 or 7pm. She was crying and I still have no milk so I was asked to sign a waiver for them to give her breastmilk from the hospital.

At around 9pm, I was transferred to my room. This time, the effect of the anesthesia is slowly fading. I can then feel all the pain in my tummy area. It was really difficult to move and I was asking the nurse for pain reliever. I’m not sure why but it seems the pain reliever were not helping at all. My OB gave me another set of pain reliever. After a few minutes, baby was finally roomed in with us. She was dozing off and the pedia was instructing us to latch her when she wakes up. Of course, Sugarplum and my mom and older sis were there with us and carrying her around. I, on the other hand, is suffering from the pain and just wanted to sleep the whole time. She woke up a few minutes after and started crying, I tried my best to move a little bit and tried to breastfeed her but I felt like my breast were empty. She’s also having trouble latching on my right breast because it’s inverted. Though I let her latch most of the time, we were at our wit’s end when she didn’t stop crying and opted to ask for some breastmilk from the NICU. Sugarplum then fed it to her in a dropper and she happily dozed off. It was the start of our family journey and even though I was still struggling with pain and the thought of not producing enough milk, I am so glad that she came out safe and sound! Here’s our little family saying hello world!

hello world geemoments

Next post would be the struggles that I faced with breastfeeding!

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