We’re Pregnant

we're pregnant

At the beginning of 2016, a wonderful surprise greeted us. We just got back from our Christmas vacation and ready to take on the new challenges that this year might give us and to our surprise, we were about to enter a new phase in our life.

Early signs.

Delayed period. I really wasn’t minding that I was about 10 days delayed when I came back to Cebu. Though I have a regular cycle, my period schedule becomes sporadic when I am stressed. And I really get a little too much stress when I came from vacations because of Airplanes. Yes, my paranoia is on full gear whenever I am on a lot of Airplane rides. During the vacation period we went to Baguio, went home to Davao before coming back to Cebu. So I just assumed that my delayed period is due to multiple Airplane rides. Hoho.

Vomiting. Before I went to the full morning sickness mode, I wasn’t feeling anything unusual. We met up with friends for the usual catching up after vacation and during one of our dinner out, I ordered an organic pasta that I can’t remember the name. It tasted weird but I get to enjoy it, I even shared it with Sugarplum(boyfriend) who told me it smelled and tasted weird. The next day, I started vomiting and had menstrual like cramps. He thought I was detoxified by the pasta and maybe the cramps were due to my period (finally) coming. I get cramps a week before my period starts. The vomiting didn’t stop and I eventually had nausea on random parts of the day. The cramping was getting worse and it was only happening on the lower left of my abdomen.

Confirmation time!


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